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The Ethics of the Third Person

ISSUE:  Summer 2019

I am the man in the play-
ground, the cord of his earbuds

clenched in his teeth
(bit in a horse’s mouth)

so the mic’s closer to his 
voice, so his lover

can hear him above the end-
less screams. His daughter

(my daughter!)
plays behind him, wild now on

the monkey bars. Every-
thing is as it should

be. In a week he will travel to
Florida & his lover will meet him

there. She
has heard his daughter grow

up—two, three, four

& she will even end up watching 
her, when it turns out he has

no childcare in Florida—
the two of them will build sandcastles

& collect shells while he works &

that night his daughter will give him 
a drawing, all of them—wife,

lover, daughter, him.


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