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Sometimes Boyhood

ISSUE:  Summer 2019

hovering their mouths 

like two men 

moments before 

they turn on each other

that is how the grass smells 

need between boys

I wanted a love like 

when they look 

so relieved to be touching 

so angry it took so long

too easy to rehearse into fragility

as a boy I couldn’t hide 

a single soft thing

round with lemon skin 

under her shirt 

silken folds of fat

the boy thinks

she is a canal for shame 

where goodness ends

the scent of new blood

a red scout of longing

through private dimension 

the boy tables girlhood 

and the sweat is good sweat 

a flock of braying gestures 

shaving september grains 

their cunning hunt 

for each other’s touch 

two men sparring 

over who could end 

the other’s suffering first 

bliss shame from the body

was I not one of them 

disarming a denim ilk

praying his sword would land

amidst my vast acreage


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