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Jesus and the Mongrel Dog

ISSUE:  Winter 2019


I still don’t know if Jesus was the dog or Jesus

See Jesus        doesn’t make himself

Apparent like I might have thought he would’ve        if 

I’d ever thought about it but I guess        I just thought he was

Most of the time        smiling and judging on

His throne        and maybe sometimes he’d hop        up        and jog 

A few circles around God        the father like a dog 

Chasing its tail        then sit back down

Grinning like it’s a joke between them  

Or something maybe I just thought  

He sometimes        probably he’s got  

To be a man still        even 


In Heaven even though the other men 

In Heaven are dead        so I get to Heaven and



First thing I see first living thing I see  

After the gate just past the field just past  

The gate it’s two things it’s 

A tall white man in a white robe        who looks like Je-  

sus in a painting in a Bible made for children 

Smiling and waving next        to him        facing him there’s 

This dog        looks like it was about to be a Ger-  

man shepherd but some bloodhound fell in 

Its path looks        like a floppy wolf 

And it doesn’t        care for the man it’s got its back up

Its head        down and it’s growling like it’s 

Fixing to kill him        but like it’s        scared the man will


Kill it if it doesn’t        kill him first the way 

A growling dog can seem to want to cry



And the man doesn’t seem to notice it 

I notice I        hear the dog growling from 

The middle of the field        but the man doesn’t seem 

To notice anything in Heaven but

Me        and I stop a good ten feet away 

From him        from the man and the dog        from both  

But mostly from the dog        whose teeth 

Are white as clouds        whose fur is gray 

As rain in clouds        who looks like a day thinking  

I stop        and the man speaks to me        he says I see  

In your eyes a dog        still stands next to me 

I see the dog        still bares its teeth the dog is speaking


Through you        but also you        sustain the dog it doesn’t know 

You have this pow-



er you        with your silence and fear 

You feed the dog        step        forward friend        and tell me who I am  

Come        speak my name 

My name        will drive the dog away almost        before  

He says the        eh in away the 

Dog bites his thigh at first I think the dog has 

Bitten clean through the meat        but then I see its        tongue is  

Bleeding I see the man is dissipating 

Like fog        and the dog turns and runs 

Deep into Heaven        and disappears so fast I couldn’t have 

Even if I had wanted to        chased it through Heav-  

en when        I turn to the man again the man is gone


I run to where he stood 

From the empty air        blood drips into the pool of blood


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