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Ask Your Grandmother

ISSUE:  Summer 2020


why she had six children,
your mother’s mother
who liked math and science,
but got married straight out of high school, 
your nana, your yaya 
who, after the first two, told her doctor
that was it, but he said No, the rule was six
and after the third one when she thought she would lose her mind
and after the fifth one when she did, he said No again,
your grandmother, who was poor
but not Mexican or American Indian or Black
and so never had to worry about going to the state clinic
for an appendectomy and leaving without her uterus—no,
she was white and married, which meant she could have as many children 
as her doctor, the AMA—some guys in a room—decided,
your grandmother who’s looking at you as if to say,
you’ve been to college,
how could you not know this. 



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