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Night City

ISSUE:  Summer 2020


What happened to the city that made us 
promises, promises we had the luxury 
to believe or not?
Night caved its streets, 

collapsed its buildings,
and crushed its ten million screens.
And, now, from the crushed screens 
the flat, 

translucent images
extrude themselves, escape, and flow, flat, 
over the rubble…

flat images desperate to become round,
flailing across the river from one dimension 
to the next—

brutalized children, drowned fathers, drowning 
in the river and then in
the eye and then in the mind—

flat images stealing quietly 
over the rubble,
flowing under the cracked sills and over 

the broken stairs
and into the city’s caved beds
to wrap around the sleepers like 

wrapping the complicated sleepers in 
simple suffering, the sleepers
huddling in their dreams,

muffled by their longings, their ears 
muffled, while mobs with torches 
rage on the rubble.



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