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My name comes from a man Inever knew, his name comesfrom a man he never knew, itgoes like that all the way downuntil the thread is lost. Itcomes from the Irish word flann—meaning ruddy, or red-faced.The landlord stands in his manor,looks out over h [...]

Horatio’s First Gun

In 1906 Horatio Applewood watched a white man slip a Belgian Browning, a five-shot rifle, into his father’s hand as barter for a rowboat he had built from scratch.


The Opal Cleft

September 11, 2023

Here was Cyrus at the door on a Saturday, unannounced and with a leather duffel hanging from each arm, asking to crash for a night or two—three at absolute most.

Lilies for Romina

The day she decided to leave her lover, Romina was sitting in a plastic folding chair brought from home and waiting for her mother to be released from emergency services.