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PUBLISHED: December 3, 2020


Time is the distance between birth and death. Parallel universes appear in real time on your screen. Place is an illusion. For instance, I am in the Palace of Versailles. The Hall of Mirrors is a place of waiting. The mirrors reflect the fountains outside the arched windows: Water spurting from an animal’s mouth is the animal’s passion given voice. The labyrinth where the king’s son learned to read fables and got lost is no longer there. In The Fox and the Mask, the fox remarks the mask is like the head of a dead man: empty of brains. In The Swan and His Owner, a man buys a swan and asks it to sing, but swans, everyone knows, only sing when they die. Said the man, I shouldn’t have asked you to sing; I should have shown you my knife. The Hall of Mirrors is between the War Room and the Peace Room. Outside, the walls are made of leaves.



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