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Beth Bachmann

Beth Bachmann is a 2016 Guggenheim Fellow in poetry and the author of two books from the Pitt Poetry Series: Temper, winner of the AWP Donald Hall Prize and Kate Tufts Discovery Award, and Do Not Rise, winner of the Poetry Society of America’s Alice Fay Di Castagnola Award. Each fall, she serves as Writer in Residence in the MFA program at Vanderbilt University. 



Fall 2018 | Poetry

Man made the lake to catch the water.

It’s how man gets the gold out of the mountain. 

Afterwinds, while inside the head of the cloud

Fall 2018 | Poetry

The Gold Codes are the launch codes the president must keep on his person to initiate a nuclear strike.

Nicknamed “the biscuit,” there’s something domestic about it, as though nuclear attack were akin to pressing the soft flesh of a doughboy, the biscuits rising in the oven like mushroom clouds, mother singing.


Fall 2018 | Poetry

I wore the face of the animal to lure the animal into shooting range.

This was symmetry. 


Spring 2017 | Poetry

your name for purposes of identification

how can I when it’s failed

better a border made of water

harder to cross

each seed is different

like each tongue

how many heads

was the right question to ask

the ones

Fall 2016 | Poetry

the world is made perfect why not rebuild here lies the water made of motion same day different peace is a matter of time


Fall 2016 | Poetry

is fragile as speech in answer when you ask me please go light the fire in the drum


Fall 2016 | Poetry


the bloodshot eye cannot swallow any more red sunset rose after sunset rose in the mouth of the field godless