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10th Mountain Division and Afghan National Army (ANA) soldiers on a joint patrol in the Jalrez Valley, Wardak Province.

The Soft Knock

October 9, 2009

Without warning, a hobbled old Afghan man comes around the corner, surprising the soldier guarding the door. The soldier yells, “Stop!” The old man inches forward on his cane.

Three Cups of Tea

July 20, 2009

Greg Mortenson has touched the lives of countless children on the Pakistani-Afghan border.

We Are Not Just Refugees

Ryan Ozawa / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0The sad looking man with the forced smile works the counter at Church’s Chicken.He takes orders, sweats in the numbing glare of heat lamps.His dark, lined face strains. He has an engineering degree from Kabul University. [...]

All the Country Will Be Shaking

Watch the suit run, the boys chasing him. War orphans, some of them, others carrying their younger siblings, polio afflicted, across their shoulders, hands outstretched. “Money, mister,” they beg. Clutching his jacket, his shirt, they are a locus [...]

Democracy is Not a Postcard

1I took the elevator up. Afghanistan doesn’t have many elevators—after years of war with the Soviet Union followed by more than a decade of Taliban control, most of the country remains in shambles, leading one American pilot during the invasion t [...]

Curfew: Afghanistan, 2002

Cursing, I slam down the receiver and run out of the house, shout for Bro. He stands by his car still parked on the street. Arms folded, he turns to me, a stocky young man with black hair and a heavy mustache. He wears a leather jacket and jeans. He used to lift weights and box. Despite a potbelly he could kick my ass.