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Interview with Paola de Grenet

April 15, 2008

Spraygraphic has an interview with photographer and illustrator Paola de Grenet. Paola's photographs of the residents of Aicuña have proven to be some of the most popular works ever featured in VQR, if website traffic is any indicator. Dozens of the [...]

Binh Danh, <i>The Botany of Tuol Seng #14</i>. Photographic negative on leaf.

Faces Fleshed in Green

While visiting the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, a former Khmer Rouge prison camp in Cambodia’s capital city of Phnom Penh, Binh Danh studied closely the mug shots of former prisoners. Danh, a Vietnamese-born artist whose family fled to a refugee c [...]

Tears in Timor: Pages from a Photographer’s Notebook

In the Comoro district of Dili, the capital of East Timor, a simple two-lane road is the dividing line. On one side are the Loro Sae—people from where the sun rises—the easterners; on the other, the Loro Mono—where the sun sets. Violence between Loro Sae and Loro Mono erupted in late March of this year when Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri sacked six hundred Loro Mono soldiers—nearly half of the country’s army of 1,400—for petitioning to end discrimination in the military by the Loro Sae.


Good Light

I am five years old and wandering aimlessly around the living room with a brown piece of molded plastic in front of my eyes. I’m trying to find the “good” light, so I stagger from lamp to window and back again. It’s like watching a moth danci [...]

The Walt Whitman House, Camden, New Jersey

“This Heart’s Geography’s Map”

Walt Whitman was fascinated with photographic images of himself. From the 1840s until within a year of his death, Whitman sat for photographers, collected and commented on the results, admired certain poses and disliked others, had hundreds of copies [...]

The Last Days of Steam

Shortly after the turn of the year, the O. Winston Link Museum, the only museum devoted to the art of a single photographer in the United States, will open in the former passenger station of the Norfolk & Western Railway in Roanoke, Virginia. The renovated building will contain the remarkable series of photographs Link created from 1955 to 1960 of the last years of steam-powered railroading on the N&W, a coal-hauling railroad with a strong belief in coal-burning steam locomotives