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The Media Consumption List: 2012 Edition

December 21, 2012

This is no "Best Of" List. It's no Top Ten. Rather, it's a highly subjective list of the most compelling media objects, broadly defined, that I've encountered and endorse in my capacity as a media studies professor-doctor of celebrity gossip-Twitte [...]

10 Excellent Sites on Women’s Rights

October 31, 2012

Editor’s note: Throughout the fall, VQR will be posting educational information related to women’s rights, to extend and support the articles in our Fall 2012 issue on The Female Conscience. ––– A woman born in the United States in [...]

Alice Munro’s Too Much Happiness

October 22, 2010

Alice Munro is widely recognized as being among the greatest living authors writing in English, and her latest volume of stories, just now being released in paperback, inspires, as the title suggests, almost Too Much Happiness—her thirteenth book in a nearly sixty-year career. The collection reads with the headlong rush of both a thriller and a romance. In ten stories, told with equal power and precision from male and female perspectives, Munro explores how people do and don't move on with their lives after losing what they thought they couldn't live without.



The Stringer and the Snake-eater

June 23, 2010

Stanley McChrystal was born a soldier, which may have been his problem—he lacked respect for civilians, particularly the ones elected to lead the country.

Some Kind of Liberation

February 23, 2010

Made voiceless and infirm, Roger Ebert appears more prolific than ever, writing endlessly about his life, his politics, his passions, and more.