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Tom Bissell on Truth in Travel Literature

February 16, 2006

Tom Bissell, a contributing editor to VQR, weighs in on the "truth & nonfiction" debate in a great essay looking at truth in travel literature posted at World Hum. The great nonfiction writer Lawrence Weschler once said to me that there are tw [...]

Rethinking the Gun Control Debate

February 14, 2006

John Casteen IV, a contributor to VQR ("Ditching the Rubric on Gun Control"), has another essay on the subject at "The Accidental Shootist" steers a middle ground between both sides of the debate and is worth reading. [O]ur national dis [...]

“Confessions of a Darwinist”

February 12, 2006

In celebration of today being Darwin Day, we’re offering a sneak peek of an essay by Niles Eldredge (“Confessions of a Darwinist”) from our forthcoming Spring issue which features a portfolio of essays on Darwin, evolution, and intelligent desi [...]

Nancy Milford on Memoir

February 12, 2006

I somehow missed Nancy Milford’s excellent essay on the “false memoir” until today. Maybe everybody else has already read this, but in case you haven’t, check it out. It’s the most thoughtful and intelligent essay I’ve read on the whole J [...]

Is Frey Really That Bad?

January 29, 2006

Edward Wyatt, in yet another investigation of the James Frey case published in Saturday’s New York Times, says that the book industry is beginning to ask questions about Kassie Evashevski, Frey’s agent, and Sean McDonald, who edited A Million Lit [...]

Falling out of print is a book’s natural fate

January 28, 2006

Teresa Nielsen Hayden, a science fiction editor at Tor Books, offers an interesting take on the ephemerality of literature and current copyright law, based on a close look at past bestseller lists: The literature taught in schools is that which ha [...]