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Intelligence, Policy, and the War in Iraq

February 11, 2006

Read Paul R. Pillar’s article, “Intelligence, Policy, and the War in Iraq,” on the Foreign Affairs website. Pillar’s article is going to be excerpted, spun, and debated into the ground in the coming week. Thanks to the editors of Foreign Affa [...]

Thailand upset over Yale UP Book

February 3, 2006

Inside Higher Ed reports that Thailand, upset over a forthcoming critical biography of President Bhumibol Adulyadej, has blocked access in the country to Yale University Press’s website: In Thailand, the assistant minister of information and com [...]

Congressional Staffers hacking Wikipedia

January 31, 2006

Apparently, a few Congressional staffers are rewriting or deleting portions of the Wikipedia entries of their bosses (via Slashdot). The adminstrators at Wikipedia have temporarily resorted to banning them: “the IP ranges of US Congress have been c [...]

Move Over James Frey, Here Comes… Upton Sinclair?

January 29, 2006

CBC Arts is reporting that a newly discovered letter reveals that Upton Sinclair—the famed muckracker and author of the novel Boston, impassioned fictionalization of the conviction and execution of Sacco and Vanzetti—had direct knowledge that the [...]

Portrait of John Donne for Sale

January 29, 2006

British Poet Laureate Andrew Motion is leading the charge to raise money to help the British National Portrait Gallery buy a rare painted portrait of metaphysical poet John Donne. Trouble is, they need £1.6 million. The London Telegraph quotes Motio [...]

Navahoax continued

January 28, 2006

“I tell the story of ‘the scandal of Nasdijj’ and who Nasdijj really is — AND — WHAT IT HAS BEEN LIKE TO BE NASDIJJ. This is my story. No one else has the truth. No one can tell this story like I can. . . . If such a book might interest you, please contact me and I can put you in touch with my agent.”

Editor of VQR Plans Journal’s Bold Future

December 14, 2003

When Ted Genoways was accepted to the University of Virginia’s master’s of fine arts program in creative writing in the summer of 1997, he immediately contacted the Virginia Quarterly Review, UVa’s prestigious literary journal, looking for an e [...]

Ted Genoways Named New Editor of VQR

June 10, 2003

Ted Genoways has been named the eighth editor in the 78-year history of the Virginia Quarterly Review. Genoways, who received a master of fine arts degree from the University of Virginia in 1999, is currently associate editor of the Walt Whitman Hyp [...]