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Aleda Shirley


Hostage to Fortune

Often, when you're away on business, I wake in the middle of the night with something urgent or whimsical to tell you and then, the next morning, can't remember what it was. And sometimes I bring in your khakis and oxford-cloth shirts, your socks and [...]

A Headboard to Headboards

translated from the Hungarian by Jascha Kessler with Maria Körösy Branyiszko: a mountain and the name of a pass in the easternmost range of the Carpathians. In 1849, the rebels defended the pass and were trapped there in the Battle of Branyiszko, [...]

Open Ending

It begins with shimmering props: two glasses of liebfraumilch and the moon or a candle sputters put and erases the auburn glints on her head nodding yes. He twirls the gold bracelet she wears, touches her for the first time. Later, in another room, h [...]

Magical Thinking

I am sometimes afraid I love each lover a little less than the one before, and the first one most of all: that night the phone rang in the dorm and the parking lot filled up with snow and he tied his scarf in a soft knot around my neck is a scene I c [...]