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Anders Carlson-Wee

Anders Carlson-Wee is the author of the forthcoming Disease of Kings (Norton, 2023). He is also the author of The Low Passions (Norton, 2019), a New York Public Library Book Group Selection, and Dynamite (Bull City, 2015), winner of the Frost Place Chapbook Prize. His work has appeared in the Paris Review, Harvard Review, BuzzFeed, American Poetry Review, and elsewhere.



Fall 2021 | Poetry

Before North took a seasonal job / fishing for kings in Alaska / I’d never admitted to myself / that he was my only friend.


Fall 2018 | Poetry

Sorting through the chest’s junk, I happened
on this picture of him, a stranger I lived with 
month-to-month while I looked for something

The Mattress

Fall 2018 | Poetry

No car to drive to the dump and too embarrassed 
to borrow one, you scrape the black mold 
off the underside as best you can, muscle it 
onto your shoulder. Spores multiplied to the size 


Fall 2018 | Poetry

After pulling a score from the dumpster 
behind Krogers I stroll through 
sliding doors with egg-caked hands. 
The greeter greets me as I pass. I scan 
the aisles like a surgeon studying the mint