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Andrew Hudgins

Andrew Hudgins’s most recent books are American Rendering: New and Selected Poems (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2010) and Diary of a Poem (University of Michigan, 2011). He is Humanities Distinguished Professor in English at Ohio State University.


Our Wars

Spring 2012 | Poetry

Curled in curled folders, the last reports were filed by hands infirm now or gone. The men in the reports mostly returned home and mostly died quietly. Others remained for the next war and a few the war after. Months, even years, go by without our re [...]

Autumn’s Author

Spring 2012 | Poetry

In his dissolving mansion, autumn’s author is an exhausted autocrat, dying faster than the falling house is falling. Rainfall, raw and raucous, claws the roof as he dodders down broad halls, rattling knobs inalterably locked. Once all gloss, paunch [...]