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Bernice Kenyon


King and Queen

Autumn 1958 | Poetry

The king of nothing and the queen of nowhereSat at their feast of beans, from a tin canHeated on twigs set crackling in the air,This the late autumn air, by a sorry roadsideGrown with dark beggar-lice and burdock weed,Caring for nothing, longing fo [...]

Theme for a Violin

Autumn 1958 | Poetry

Things that I loved the most,They have been given to me—Flowers on a rocky coast,Stars hung above the sea,Grass when the wind and rainTurned the whole earth to mire,Leaves where young fauns have lain—Quiet, beyond desire. Why should the heart, [...]

The Confident Child

Autumn 1958 | Poetry

My mother it was who died too soonBefore she ever knew peace or rest.She learned that life was a struggle at best,But if she could wait till the year went roundAll that she wished for might be found.But at one black midnight with never a moonShe co [...]