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Brooks Haxton

Brooks Haxton is the author of Fading Hearts on the River (Counterpoint, 2014), the story of his son’s life in high-stakes poker. He is at work on his seventh collection of poems, Mr. Toebones, and a translation of selected poems by Else Lasker-Schuler. He teaches at Syracuse University.



Spring 2015 | Poetry

A monkey with the muttonchops and lipsof Henrik Ibsen barks, and creatureson the forest floor stand still to sniffand listen. There, a traveler may pick,according to Jules Verne, a fruit “healthyas bread and succulent as cream.” Buddhaate bananas [...]

Journal of Dr. Beaurieux

Spring 2015 | Poetry

and when I called out to the head, “Languille!”
the eyelids lifted up, this time, I swear,
in a distinctly normal movement, slow,
as if awakening, or torn from thought.

Two Ladies

The blacktop here, the way it curves between the rows of maples over the half-mown meadow past the pond, is beautiful, I tell houseguests, and people nod, which only tweaks my urge to say what moves me, now especially, during the hour before sun [...]

Psalm 104

He looketh on the earth and it trembleth; he toucheth the hills, and they smoke. I love to see God, clothed with light as with a garment, carpentering beams of balconies under a cosmic sea and clothing them to their foundation with his deeps as wit [...]