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Charles A. Beard


Mr. Henderson’s North Carolina

North Carolina: The Old North State and the New. Volumes I and II. By Archibald Henderson. The Lewis Publishing Company. The five volume set, $35.00. Benedetto croce, profound and courageous Italian scholar, opens the first chapter of his recent w [...]

The Sandburg Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln; The War Years. By Carl Sandburg. Four volumes. New York: Harcourt, Brace and Company. $20.00, Never yet has a history or biography like Carl Sandburg's "Abraham Lincoln: The War Years" appeared on land or sea. Strict [...]

Captains Uncourageous

No nation, at least, no civilization, can endure without honor—an honor that transcends the mercantile standard of paying debts, perhaps, under the forms of law provided by lenient bankruptcy acts. Long ago, John Ruskin made this perfectly clear in [...]

Corporations and Natural Rights

In every age, in every society, there is a group of persons, more or less closely united, who have a realistic view of affairs and policies. Their knowledge is wide. Their wits are sharpened by experience. They know what they want. They are acquainte [...]

The Idea of Let Us Alone

A mong the ideas now vehemently asserted in forums, chambers of commerce, and legislative halls, probably none is more frequently encountered than the idea of laissez faire, which is taken to mean "no government intervention in business"; & [...]