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Ernestine Evans


Now That One Looks Back

Icame back to Paris from the north. Helsinki-Stock-holm-Oslo-Stavanger to Perth by the new British Airways, just before the Finnish War. In the north at Marlebeck, in the woods by the river, thirty miles from a railroad, for days at a time we talked [...]

Much Could Be Done

We are a picture-craving people. We go on our own steam to see the movies, as few of us go to books, once school is over. We are Hollywood almost as much as we are Washington, and there are Afghans and even Irish who think Hollywood is our capital. T [...]

London Crumb Cake

Back from Breslau, I try to explain to them why Germany goes on and on, in the wrong direction and over the dead bodies of so many of her best, but in that same everlasting edit deidsch way, so scoured, so busy, so fanatically determined to get out o [...]

Call Home the Eyes

The American Jitters: A Year of the Slump. By Edmund Wilson. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons. $2.50. The Tragedy of Henry Ford. By Jonathan Norton Leonard, New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons. $3.00. Call home the eyes and ears, from fantastic vision [...]

Mechanics of the Leviathan

The American Leinathan: The Republic in the Machine Age. By Charles A. Beard and William Beard. New York: The Macmillan Company. $5.00. When Charles and Mary Beard finished some years ago their collaboration on "The Rise of American Civilizat [...]

South to the Caucasus

There are no journeys like Russian journeys. It was always so since the first iron rails were laid across the steppe. The wood-burning engines spread a sail of curling white smoke behind them, instead of shedding cinder imps. The tracks are broad gau [...]

Straws in the German Winds

My business in Germany this summer is fairly simple; to go straight to Breslau, where my publishing firm is having an enchanting little song-book of German folk-songs done in offset. The book has sold nearly fifty thousand copies here in Germany, a r [...]