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Gail Wronsky


The Almost Live and Frightened Woman

for Leonora Carrington I. It's otherworldly, really, how she comes and goes, a winding and unwinding wisp, a blue oval. Do you like poetry? I ask her. No. She cannot help it that her lamentations aren't always as melodious as the other seductive voic [...]

The Contemplative Life

I didn't get my horse I have nothing but my own things what I came with the perfect underwear for him a phone nice teeth nothing new but this particular view of a fuschia house yellow field blue mountain my father taught me how to ride how to hold on [...]


here the deer eat tulip bulbs and the women large-eared turn apricots slowly in their mouths see babies rushing from the leaves petals on their bellies see the blouses blue lifting and stiffening in rough hands the earth here eats up the air you plan [...]