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Garrard Glenn


Man and His Future

The Condition of Man. By I.cwis Mumford. Ilarcourt, Brace and Company. $5.00. Justice and World Society. By Laurence Stapleton. University of North Carolina Press. $2.00. Diagnosis of Our Time. By Karl Mannheim. Oxford University Press. $3.00. [...]

A Farewell to Trust Busting

The Bottlenecks of Business. By Thurman W. Arnold. New York: Reynal and Hitchcock. $2.50. The theme of Thurman Arnold's "The Bottlenecks of Business" is not indicated by its title, even when the latter has been translated for the benefit [...]

The Tired Business Man

A History of the Business Man. By Miriam Beard. New York: The Mac-m.illan Company. $5.00. The Folklore of Capitalism. By Thurman Arnold. New Haven: Yale University Press. $3.00. The business man (and within that term is the banker, as the English [...]

The Right of Sanctuary

Doubtless it would surprise Mr. Al Capone, imprisoned on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay, to learn that bad men of mediaeval England often found themselves in his plight, and that their exile was really connected with the right of sanctuary. But [...]

Gold and Our Honor

We Americans are prone to distrust ourselves. Despite our assurance in the realm of numbers, we still give a nervous ear to criticism from abroad in matters involving our manners and our morals. The latest accusation, made in Europe and echoed in Ame [...]

The Trial of Joan of Arc

The Trial of Jeanne D'Arc, Translated by W. P. Barrett. With an essay on the Trial, Dramatis Personae, etc., by Pierre Champion, translated by Coley Taylor and Ruth P. Kerr. New York; Gotham House. $4.00. Except for an incomplete version which a [...]

War Without Guns

War is an elfish thing; seemingly obvious, it is elusive. Palliatives have failed; and now, when a substitute is offered, it may turn out to be nothing but war itself. Last winter, it will be recalled, President Lowell of Harvard and other distinguis [...]

France in Canada

The Fatal River: The Life and Death of La Salle. By Frances Gaither. New York: Henry Holt and Company. $3.00. La Salle. By L. V. Jacks, New York: Charles Scribner's Sons. $3.00. Donjon of Demons. By Benedict Fitzpatrick. New York: Henry Holt and Co [...]