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Greg Kuzma


All That I Love

All that I love survives. I have learned to forget the dead. My son's muscles, my daughter's nervous studies, smoking, the way she can, in an excited mood, talk non-stop, these are essential things. My brother's interest in his tools, his craftsmansh [...]


We will build the poem around some incident that happened long ago. Long ago means ten years to the five-year-old. Long ago means ten centuries to the academician—No poetry since Chaucer he snorts. We will build the poem around a car driving away, [...]


Out of health—for what is health—out of money— temporarily—out in the dark which is the province of night— and who is afraid when three dogs guard the night—I hear their chains now rattling— out of time—at least for this day—because [...]

The Retreat

When the strangeness comes over me and I am a wolf or less lonely for meat taken on the hoof you should see how I lock myself away. A great door separates me from the world my table is empty even of cloth of candles my window is barred to the sun th [...]