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Herschel Brickell


The Vanderbilt Literary Movement

A Vanderbilt Miscellany. Edited by Richmond Croom Beatty. Vanderbilt University Press. $3.50. A ll followers of developments in contemporary Amer-ican literature have been aware to a greater or lesser degree of notable activity in and around Vand [...]

Miss Glasgow and Mr. Marquand

A curious phenomenon has appeared in our literary landscape, the full significance of which has not been appreciated, but it has not gone unnoted from the watchtowers. Reviewers and critics are saying, and I am in complete agreement, that Ellen Glasg [...]

From Slavery On

Old Massa's People. By Orland Kay Armstrong. Indianapolis: The Bobbs-Mcrrill Company. $2.50, Brown America. By Edwin R. Embree. New York: The Viking Press. $2.50. The first of these two books, which are interesting complements, is the result of an [...]

The Fruits of Diversity

Light in August. By William Faulkner. New York: Harrison Smith and Robert K. Haas. $2.50. Peter Ashley. By DuBose Hey ward. New York: Farrar and Rinehart. $2.50. The Laughing Pioneer. By Paul Green. New York: Robert M. McBride and Company. $2.00. T [...]

Popayan, Cradle of Colombia

Popayan, a small Spanish colonial city in the southwestern part of Colombia, with 407 years of recorded history behind it, is a legendary place which is continually being re-discovered. What follows here is one more attempt at re-discovery, prompted [...]

A Spanish Poet in New York

The position of Federico Garcia Lorca in modern Spanish letters as both poet and playwright is no longer a matter of dispute or even of discussion. Indeed, the agreement would be general, if not universal, that the years which have followed his tragi [...]