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James Lott


The Unexpected Birth of Florida Stamp

Della Stamp had to admit, at least to herself, that she was tired, bone tired. Even now, sitting at the table in the little restaurant she and Walter had agreed would do, it took her a moment to concentrate on anything besides herself. She eased he [...]

The Janeites

Mr. Owen is reading Emma, his favorite book. He has, in fact, been reviewing it for several days so that the details will be fresh in his mind for this afternoon's meeting. He has laid the book open on the kitchen table, and when he runs across a p [...]

Et in Arcadia Ego

Arch Wembish's puns had given him a local reputation, one which he had to work hard to maintain, So after his Friday afternoon tutorial with young Ellenburg, one in which the student had stumbled as usual through the most elementary Latin, he had r [...]

Sunday With the World at War

Your boys going to the movies?" Mrs. Stanley asked. She sat on a sofa beside Jason and Evan's mother. Mr. Stanley sat across the room from the two women, and the boys" father stood in front of the window. Each of the adults held a glass of red wine [...]