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Jeanne Schinto

Jeanne Schinto is the author of three books, including Huddle Fever: Living in the Immigrant City (Knopf, 1995). Currently she is a regular contributor to Maine Antique Digest, covering auctions and antiques shows in the Boston area. Her freelance articles and essays have been published in DoubleTake, Atlantic Monthly, Gastronomica, and many literary magazines, including VQR, over the past few years. She lives in Andover, Massachusetts, with her horologist husband, Bob Frishman.


Postcard Picasso

Winter 2002 | Essays

I used to have a reproduction of John Singer Sargent's El Jaleo hanging on my wall. Its colors weren't as vivid as those of the original. The dramatic lighting effects created on the canvas by Sargent were largely absent from the repro. And, of course, the size was considerably smaller: the real one is eight feet high by 11 feet wide; mine fit on the wall above my dining room hutch. Still, I could always depend on it to deliver a blast from the open door of its furnace that was more than sufficient for viewing at an ordinary mealtime.


The Lover of Libraries

For a time, shortly after I graduated from college, nothing but a trip to the library would lift my spirits, and I eventually ended up spending my days there, like a vagrant. I say "vagrant" rather than "scholar," because, if you are a chronic libr [...]

The House Nun: A Tale

It happened in a place where witches and spirits are very much believed in. It's about as far away as you can get from quaint, correct New England and all of its coldnesses and confusions. In that other place, if you go there, at least remember thi [...]

Cautionary Verses for Children

Just because Vera was now mostly deaf didn't mean she'd stopped talking. She talked even more. At least finally she had broken down and gotten a hearing aid. A mixed blessing. For her sister, Elspeth, still hoarse from all the shouting, needed to g [...]