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Jim Daniels

Jim Daniels’ most recent books include SHOW AND TELL: NEW AND SELECTED POEMS, University of Wisconsin Press, and DETROIT TALES, Michigan State University Press, short fiction, both published in 2003.


Burning the Sage

Autumn 2002 | Poetry

she couldn't sell the house for what she paid for it they paid for it, him back in New Jersey, not caring how long it took to tie up the loose ends of twenty years, the enormous kite tail undulating in the fierce wind of recent memory and the taxes [...]

The Church of Mr. Pea

Autumn 2002 | Poetry

He lives at the center of the universe twenty miles north of Dayton, Ohio or Yuma, Arizona. No one's sure. He could be living next door. He's a hard pea. His needs are few. His father's dead, but he does have a Holy Spirit—the last tiny breath [...]