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Joey Yu

Joey Yu is a London-based illustrator and animator. A graduate of the Kingston School of Art in 2017, she has gone on to work with clients such as RIMOWA, De Beers, the Guardian, Lulu Guinness, Tate, and more. Previous artist-residency locations include Seoul and Brazil. With her expressive mixture of both immediate hand-drawn styles and digital sketches, she hopes to continue daydreaming, playing with perspectives and warping the ways we view things. 



Fall 2021 | Fiction

He was doing the dishes, midmorning, when he noticed the white car drive by, and drive by again. A quiet street, on the way to nowhere. At eleven, the school bus would show up, to deliver lunches to the children who couldn’t go to school. Otherwise, almost no cars he didn’t recognize.

Man, Man, Et Cetera

Fall 2021 | Fiction

You schedule the U-Haul for a weekend when your husband plans to be in the woods. You do not repeat your argument that camping isn’t medication or therapy. That it cannot, in other words, fix him. You make him a sandwich for the drive to Mendocino. As his car pulls away, you know it’s the last time you’ll see him.


Fall 2021 | Fiction

Nadia knows, when the mother leaves them, that they will die. They lurch from side to side, low on the ground, ears folded over into crinkled triangles. Claws soft, mouths brown with dirt, meowing in the damp soil of the flower bed.