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John Bryan


Lone House

Two old maids owned a ruined hut Upon a stormy hill; at night They crouched with all the shutters shut, Big eyed in gloomy candle light. One maid was thin, one maid was fat; The eyes of both were lonely wells. One owned a dove, one owned a cat; [...]

Sylvan Midnight

THE moon rolled down a cliff of smoke And left it torn with shaggy light. Among the shadows of an oak A rabbit crouched as still as night And listened to a tree-toad croak. Then suddenly, behind a trace Of pearly cloud, the moon grew pale; The rabbit [...]


Time will outlast the clocks that measure it, And that great love of which we are the parts, Will wear out, and outlast our ticking hearts, Or, if they still have love, will treasure it. And as around a clock that cannot run The silence seeps which o [...]

Sweet Grapes and Silver Lizards

When the woods are splattered with moon-gold, I sit in the cool purple shadows. In the darkness I sit eating sweet grapes; And watching the silver lizards. Like ravelled fire they flash; They are polished with slippery moon-slime; And are slee [...]