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John Milton Cooper Jr.

John Milton Cooper Jr. wrote widely on American diplomatic history. He is Professor Emeritus at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Woodrow Wilson: the Academic Man

No academic career in American history, possibly in all history, has attracted as much attention as Woodrow Wilson's. Two reasons account for such extensive interest. First, during 25 years as a professor, writer about politics and history, and pres [...]

The Great War and American Memory

Academic historians have a penchant for tagging simple things with fancy titles. One example is interviewing or seeking out recollections by participants in events. Right after World War I such journalist biographers as Ray Stannard on Woodrow Wils [...]

Theodore Roosevelt: On Clio’s Active Service

The most casual visitor to Sagamore Hill, Theodore Roosevelt's home at Oyster Bay, cannot fail to grasp two of the owner's greatest interests. The most immediately striking impression of the interior of the house comes from the plethora of animal [...]

Walter Hines Page: the Southerner As American

AS the election of 1976 showed, the South has finally trod the road to reunion. Jimmy Carter's election gained added significance by coming one hundred years after the end of Reconstruction. It has taken a century since the nation was supposedly res [...]