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Josephine Pinckney


They Shall Return as Strangers

Off the flat coast with its ample curves the island lay—not far, but in a sufficient isolation. If it had ever been a part of the mainland it must have torn loose long ago, hating its seamless identity with the mass of the continent, and have lumbe [...]

Still Life

—i am the Greek, Unfreezing sluices of laughter. The deathward eyes of men I turn to seek A many-colored globe. The suppliant knee Rises from penitence and goes after The trickle of unquenchable music.— —When my enemies did me to death: I lay h [...]

Bitter Burial

Ilook at you, white girl, fatally walled In a harsh black rectangle away from me, And this untouchable leaves me appalled, This whiter than whey, this alien effigy With a heaviness of deathly lilies, white And cold as a headstone glimmering at night. [...]

In Durance

THE window-square Gapes on a cloudy blank, where beyond the Islands In sable space the solemn dayclean widens, Wells in grave air. Cold creek; cold sky; Cold bricks within; I kneel and kindle my fire, Whose lief and lovely breath feigns to conspire A [...]

Jeffers and Macleish

Thurso's Landing. By Robinson Jeffers. New York: Horace Liveright. $2.50. Conquistador. By Archibald MacLeish. Boston,: Houghton Mifflin Company. $2.50. Critics have formed the habit of speaking of Robinson Jeffers' poetry as Greek, and the compar [...]