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Kate Northrop

Kate Northrop’s recent poems have appeared in AGNI, The American Poetry Review, and New South. Her collection, Things Are Disappearing Here, was finalist for the James Laughlin award and a New York Times Book Review Editor’s Choice. Her most recent collection is Clean (Persea Books, 2011). She teaches in the MFA program at the University of Wyoming and lives in Laramie.


The Apartment

Spring 2012 | Poetry

Remember the Worcester apartment: third floor of a three-family, in the upper reaches of the elms. Whole afternoons could still in it, each room oddly bright inside, like the bloom at the top of a hollyhock. * I remember the apartment, third floo [...]

High Plains

Spring 2012 | Poetry

(overnight, at 40 below) The town drawn in and quiet, as the inside Of a closet. Impenetrable, as a dream But still the interstate slides by The semis rising from the east, Outlined in lights, all lighted up! And dropping into the valley again G [...]