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Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart has been described by Harold Bloom as “one of the major living poets of the English language.” His recent books of poetry include Flame Tree: Selected Poems (Bloodaxe, 2003), Young Rain (Notre Dame, 2009), and Morning Knowledge (Notre Dame, 2011). His poem, “Dark Bird,” from the Spring 2010 issue of VQR was selected for Best Australian Poems, edited by Robert Adamson. He teaches at the University of Virginia.


Grandmother, Charlottesville

Spring 2010 | Poetry

Poor thing, I see you just one step outside That smooth cruel paradise, a lumpy bag In either hand, a hill to climb, a hot Small house to get to, half an hour from here,The air grown fat and sweaty everywhere, But talk won’t make it any easier, Won [...]

Dark Bird

Spring 2010 | Poetry

What do you want with me today, dark bird? Why are you flying low, beneath that branch? I know your shadow: you were long since gone, My killdeer, rough-winged swallow, mourning dove,Death plays its flute with all your bones, dark bird, You brood wit [...]