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Lois Parshley

Lois Parshley is a journalist and photographer. Her reporting has been published in the New Yorker, Harper’s, the Atlantic, Granta, National Geographic, the Washington Post, and Businessweek, among others. A former Knight-Wallace fellow, her work has won numerous awards, including the Bricker and Mirror Awards.


Hanford’s B Reactor, now part of the Manhattan Project National Historical Park. Even though most of the site is now deemed safe for the public, warning signs for radiological hazards are reminders that the effects of decades of contamination have not disappeared. Photography by Sean McDermott.

Cold War, Hot Mess

Fall 2021 | Reporting

After decades of mismanaging its nuclear waste, the US Department of Energy wrestles with its toxic legacy.

Photographed by Lois Parshley

Backcountry Politics

January 22, 2018 | Essays

  1. On the very first day of the 2017 Congressional session, House GOP members voted to change how Congress calculates land costs in order to make it easier to transfer public lands to states for auction. It was a move that set the tone fo [...]