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Louis Simpson


Elegy for Jake

Taking off the old paint layer by layer. . . "Let Zip-Strip do the work." It is also necessary to scrape. No one driving by the house on a quiet Saturday would know that in the cellar, machine guns, bangalore torpedoes and eighty-eight millimeter [...]


"Am I hurting you?" says Eubie. I shake my head, no, for I've learned not to show pain. At the school of dental hygiene where Eubie got her diploma they teach them not to be put off by a wince or gathering tear but to stay on the sensitive spot and . [...]

Numbers and Dust

All day we were training in dust. At night we returned to barracks worn out, too tired to say anything. On weekends we travelled long distances to Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, looking for excitement, walking up and down with all the other enlist [...]