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Meg Bernhard

Meg Bernhard is a writer from southern California’s Inland Empire. She has reported from around Europe and the United States for the Los Angeles Times, Hazlitt, the New Yorker, Guernica, and Harper’s, among others, and occasionally writes about wine. 



Spring 2021 | Articles

My first year in Europe, I moved when the seasons changed. I spent autumn in Castilla-La Mancha, winter in Barcelona, spring at the foot of the Pyrenees. I had moved to Spain to apprentice with winemakers, and I was following the cycle of a grapevine. Late fall, when I arrived, was time for cellar work: bottling, racking, packing, and shipping. In February, when the ground had frozen, we pruned the vines with electric clippers. Springtime was for removing excess leaves from the vine; the sticky summer months were for watering and upkeep. Long-awaited was September, time of vendimia—the harvest.

Photograph by Anna Surinyach


Summer 2020 | Essays

 1.Had anyone heard from Ana? She always answered her phone, but today wasn’t answering for me.She’s fine, her friends said when I called one after another. Like nearly everyone else in Barcelona, Ana didn’t leave the apartment often. But [...]