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Mervyn Lagden



Winter 1952 | Poetry

Now is the virgin with child,         Oh holy my heart in the snow,There in the ox-stall defiled         Lieth the lily white doe. Soon to her soft breast she presses,        &n [...]

Mind to Mind

Winter 1952 | Poetry

She came through my window            a soft white bird, And perched on the inner sill            unsighted, unheard, She crossed to my bookcase and pecked        &nb [...]

The Old Fleece

Winter 1952 | Poetry

    (Bretforton) I know an inn where wood-smoke curlsFrom an old wide hearth,Where the fire gleams in candlesticksOn the chimney-garth. I know oak shelves where pewter platesStand in grave steel row,Grey ghosts of harvest suppersUnremembe [...]