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Patricia Foster

Patricia Foster is the author of All the Lost Girls and the forthcoming book of essays, Just Beneath My Skin. She edited Minding the Body: Women Writers on Body and Soul and Sister-to-Sister. She is an associate professor in the MFA Program in Nonfiction at the University of Iowa.


The Last Essay on Southern Identity

"There was a time I was pushed to the river and didn't intend to jump," Ora says, pressing her hands tight together, then dropping them flat to her lap. "It was that gas man who did it. Came 'round here every week to check our meters, then started [...]

The Rock Pile In the Swamp

I want to speak against the grain of assumption, the assumption that memoir has no aesthetics, that it's a second-rate genre, a wanna-be novel with neither the guts, nor the coherence, nor the dramatic focus to be a novel. I want to suggest that th [...]