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Ralph Bates


The Burning Corn

For a moment he lost sight of the puma, but then moist brown earth trickled down the steep cone of dried soil below the gully and he saw the animal crouching beneath the fallen wild fig tree. He fired when the puma moved forward, bending her spine ti [...]

Of Legendary Time

There were times in Spain, moments only as a rule, when my vision of the world was suddenly purified. I mean that it seemed that the physical retina itself became more sensitive and that perception, often a mere result of sensation, really felt like [...]

Conversations in Mexico

To the north of the summit on which we stood, a vast mountain of palest cyanine blue ballooned up from below the horizon. To the south the brittle snow crests of the White Lady volcano were suspended among clouds. From the east a sea of shark-fin pea [...]