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Robert Liddell Lowe


I Woke From Middle Sleep

IWOKE from middle sleep, alarmed to see On every side immense obscurity. I heard Time's serpent, coiled within the clock, Make loosening rearrangement of his rings. I feared: I thought of transitory things; Blood paused: the heart was momentary rock. [...]

On a Singing Girl

ON A SINGING GIRLRemembering Elinor Wylie What hand has hushed The singing throat And latched the lips Forever to the note Of song? Was it The wind that came Her way and turned To frost the spirit's proud poised flame? The fragile flesh, The blood, a [...]

Love Song

Knowing i cannot fetter flood Or flame; or hold away from bud And bloom the frost's white war, his trace Of pale destruction; knowing to place In leash the wind's swift silver hounds Requires more power than abounds Within these hands, or ever [...]

O Wise Were They

O wise were they who warned this brief Remembering flesh—that as the leaf Forsakes the limb to be made one With dust; as April's resurrection Is brought to ruin and robbed of bud And bird; and as the frantic flood Is hushed by winter's brittle brea [...]

No Harvest

O grief has ploughed my heart Again and again, And deeply furrowed it For planting Pain. . . . I wonder if a time Will come when there Is Winter, and my scarred, Tired heart will bear No harvest, but will sleep Like a Wi [...]

“By Such Small Things”

By such small things we die: Goliath died by only this— A stone; and Judas by the glint Of silver coins; Christ by a kiss. . . . O Heart, Heart, you lie slain again! Must Beauty crucify you still With just the silver sl [...]