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Rupert B. Vance


Wanted: The Nation’s Future for the South

Planning for the South: An Inquiry into the Economics of Regionalism. By John V. Van Sickle. Van.derbilt University Press. $2.75. The Tennessee Valley Authority. A Study in Public Administration. By C. Herman Pritchctt. University of North Carolina [...]

Tennessee’s War of the Roses

Now that democracy is being abandoned everywhere else, we have in our curious way again made it the passionate hope and ideal of every American. In our rediscovered glory in democracy as a way of life, the question arises as to what we are going to d [...]

Social Planning for England

Creative Demobilisation, Volume I, Principles of National Planning, By E. A. Gutkind. Volume II, Case Studies in National Planning, Edited by E. A. Gutkind. Oxford University Press. $12.00. Hansen's faith in the Food and Agriculture Organizati [...]