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Sidney Burris

Sidney Burris was the long-time Director of the Fulbright College Honors Program at the University of Arkansas and currently codirects the Tibetan Cultural Institute of Arkansas, while also teaching in the Department of English. He oversees the TEXT Program (Tibetans in Exile Today), an oral-history project dedicated to preserving the stories of Tibetans currently living in exile in India.  He has published two volumes of verse, a book of literary criticism, and a number of personal essays. 


The Patriot Tree

And in those days, I was broken from dreams on hard, white mornings to whip the thickets, flush a bird or two, and drop before the shot sizzled by overhead. Midday, we'd crest a hill crowned with the Albemarle pippins King George so loved, it's said [...]

The Supple, Surviving Voice

The Faber Anthology of Political Verse. Edited by Tom Paulin. Faber and Faber. $19.95. On Oct. 23, 1958, Anders Østerling, the secretary of the Swedish Academy, dispatched a cable to Boris Pasternak informing him that he had won the Nobel Prize f [...]