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Tom Luhrmann


Tulip Trees

It is lovely to listen to Chopin etudes while a heavy wet snow falls unexpectedly throughout a morning in early spring. When one of us speaks of clearing tulip trees from a forest at the age of twelve, the probability that lightning will strike an o [...]


In the corner of an otherwise unfurnished room an illuminated fishtank throbs and glows. The fish swim about, minding their own business, They have a special wisdom. People come. The fishtank is ignored, it lacks the robustness needed for world histo [...]


The junkie kicks the newspaper blocking his way, swears and spits; my lower lip is sprayed lightly by his spit. It is refreshed and cooled beneath this remarkably clear summer sky miles from any body of water. In my dream there was a little girl ridi [...]

South Wheelock

On a clear Sunday morning campers in blue uniforms gather at the outdoor forest chapel. The water of Lake Seymour shimmers below them. Flies swarm. The campers sing "Amazing Grace," secure in the knowledge that they will live happily in the months of [...]


Under a brilliant 12 o'clock sun, in a vacant field beside a roadside sandwich stand, we came upon a thistle the size of a small child that seemed as vulnerable and beautiful as anything we'd ever seen. We wondered how something so magnificent had su [...]