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Solvitur Ambulando

ISSUE:  Winter 2017


The man used to walk four miles a day, 
two hours at first, less as he got stronger 
and thinner, to defy the sense of rules that dictates 
higher challenges as the ability climbs. Rebel 
mind in a rebel body. Not even Plato’s 
philosopher escaped the cave on logic alone. 
He gutted. He fed the incipient. The machine 
simply rumbled and smoked, but he refused 
to stitch the causal quilt and rather slipped 
into light quite unwrappingly, birthday 
eyes all full of disbelief. But not belief, 
for faith is logic-weaned, owes it the farm 
where happening-onto is a stranger, 
stranger than a broken plow, stranger than walking 
off the great betrayal of the once loved. 
Proof: all journeys are circular, emptying and deaf.



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