Winter 2017

Variations on a theme—from the subarctic up to the heavens, across borders and off the grid. We begin in the north we expect and drift confidently elsewhere, exploring not just the idea of knowing where you are, or where you aren’t, but who else notices.

Winter 2017

Volume 93, Number 1

Virginia Quarterly Review, Winter 2017 cover
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Table of contents

Notes to Self 
Fine Distinctions 
Amateur Hour 
Editor's Desk 

Contributor Profiles

Lydia Davis is the author of seven books of short fiction, two books of essays, and one novel. She is also the translator of numerous works from French and other languages.

Aaron Huey is a photojournalist working primarily for National Geographic.

Katie Orlinsky has received grants from the Magnum Foundation, Getty Images, the Howard G.

Koye Oyedeji’s writing has previously appeared in VQR, the Believer, Wasafiri Magazine, BRAND, and the Washington City Paper Fiction Issue.

Trevor Quirk is a writer living in Asheville, NC, and is working on a book about nihilism in American culture.

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