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A Boy Steps Into the Water

ISSUE:  Spring 2017

and of course he’s beautiful         
goosebumps over his ribs 
like tiny fists under a thin sheet     the sheet
all mudwet and taste of walnut

and of course I’m afraid of him
of the way keeping him a secret will make him 
inevitable       I will do anything to avoid 
getting carried away       sleep nightly with coins

over my eyes       set fire to an entire 
zodiac      mecca is a moth 
chewing holes in a shirt I left 
at a lover’s house       a body loudly

consumes days and awaits the slow 
fibrillation of its heart      a lightning rod
sits in silence until finally      the storm
now the boy is scooping up minnows

and swallowing them like a heron      
I’m done trying to make sense 
of any of this      no one will believe anything 
that comes out a mouth like mine


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Thomas Jennings's picture
Thomas Jennings · 6 years ago

This is so good! Loved all your pieces. Thank you!


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