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blessed are the mosquitoes

ISSUE:  Winter 2022


You ain’t got to love me, but you gonna know that I love you. 

the first time i tasted you, my love, i fell 
upon the grand prairie of your neck. 
you are sweet wind. i wait for you to exhale. 
i warm at the edge of your breath. 
your skin is the only living place i alight. 
my love, i will be as quiet as possible, 
as tender in my digging as a pest can be. 

my love, did you know i can live months 
without a meal? i forgive you. it has been a week 
and i cannot sense you anywhere. 
in our usual place there has only been shoaling clouds 
of oil; lavender, mint, citronella, and a chemical
neither of us can name. i forgive you, 
but do not adorn for  me, my love. 

i need to gather just a grain of you. siphon 
into me one minuscule bead at a time. 
don’t break me open, we need to go as far 
as we can. whatever is inside me is there, 
my love, don’t try and retrieve it now.



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