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inordinate beliefs

ISSUE:  Winter 2022


the belief was eels were male catfish,
believe if you leave a fried one alone 
return to red-raw meat, or a trickle 
trail of blood and crumb, a resurrection

dripping at the screen door. 
some southerners convinced eels love

human bait, became fishers o’ men. 
stories tell of a great catch on the low, white
river. account goes a black girl, murdered,
stoked the pearly water for two straight nights. 

callous men craft superstition retroactively
then bleed it into dough balls and haul a folk-load 
of long fish from the leavened river. peace
officers never broke a flatbed full of gruesome 

men or catfish gorged on scabby biscuits.
if it was a dream, borne darkly, who sleeps?



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