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Illustration by Denise Nestor

Reading the Bones

In his response to my first letter to him, Charles Wright said of my own decision to write poems, “I hope it gives you what it has given me—a life.” I took this wide view from such a hard gazer of a poet as both balm and call.

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Photography by Maisie Crow

Susan Orlean’s Notes to Self

A library, of course, makes for a stubborn protagonist in a work of narrative journalism. “The reality is, it’s just different writing about something that has all of the complexity of bureaucracy. I don’t do a lot of stories where I have to go through channels to get the material I want, and I’m not somebody who knows how to game a system to get access to stuff.” Doggedness helped, both in chasing leads and, later, arranging them—fittingly, with one of the indispensible tools of the librarian’s trade.

By Its Cover

Craig Mod, Rodrigo Corral, Michael Fusco, John Gall, and Jon Gray discuss book covers that have influenced their thinking about design.

Good Light

I am five years old and wandering aimlessly around the living room with a brown piece of molded plastic in front of my eyes. I’m trying to find the “good” light, so I stagger from lamp to window and back again. It’s like watching a moth danci [...]

Why I Don’t Read Books Much Anymore

For several years now I've been reading fewer books, from start to finish, that is. Not that my reading has diminished. If anything, I'm reading more now, more words certainly, every day, every week, daily and Sunday newspapers, weeklies, fortnightli [...]