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Ed Harris (as Dr. Bill Perch) and Amy Madigan (as Susan Perch) in The Jacksonian, which premiered in February 2012, at the Geffen Playhouse, Los Angeles, directed by Robert Falls. (All photographs by Michael Lamont)

The Jacksonian

CHARACTERS(In order of appearance)BILL PERCH, a dentist and motel resident ROSY PERCH, daughter of Bill and Susan Perch EVA WHITE, a waitress and motel maidFRED WEBER, a motel bartenderSUSAN PERCH, wife of Bill Perch, mother of Rosy SE [...]

The Descent of the Theater

The Theatre: Three Thousand Years of Drama, Acting and Stagecraft. By Sheldon Cheney. New York: Longmans Green and Company. $10.00. Poot-lights Across America. By Kenneth Macgowan. New York: Harcourt, Brace and Company. $3.50. At first view it m [...]

Theatre 1932 New York

The year of 1932 is ended, with its winter premieres and ventures in production, its spring showings, its continuations of what had proved itself a success or fairly successful, its summer of revivals and fresh experiments in groups, little theatres, stock companies, and its autumn productions, with plays succeeding and plays failing, as Broadway moved on toward the famous ebb of Christmas week.

A Prayer for New York

(A lawyer with a letter, standing, and his mother sitting nearby.)  ELMER (reading from a letter:)From the Law Offices of BERNSTEIN, RICE, GANTRY AND FUDD 1500 Madison Avenue 25th Floor New York, NY 10122Elmer K. Lefkowitz, Attorney at Law REPR [...]